Accelerating novel drugs to patients together–how combining discovery and development technologies will transform drug decision making

Jo Varshney, DVM, PhD

I am proud to announce that VeriSIM Life has acquired Molomics Biotech, a small-molecule drug discovery company.

Molomics integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Human Collective Intelligence (HCI) to determine novel chemical structures with high therapeutic activity and superior pharmacological properties as currently developed or marketed drugs. 

With this acquisition, VeriSIM's drug decision engine, BIOiSIM™, will integrate with Molomics technology to further improve the success rates for the discovery, development and approval of new drugs for the most challenging diseases impacting humankind. Because the BIOiSIM platform synthesizes complex predictions into a proprietary Translational Index™, similar to a credit score, program owners can confidently decide how to move to their next milestone. This combined discovery and translational capability will allow pharmaceutical researchers to preflight advancements in medicine in a fraction of the time and cost it takes today and provide far better outcomes than the 8% success rate currently seen in medicines making it to market. 

Our intention is to continue providing full support to Molomics’s current customers, and we are confident that the integration of the Molomics business with VeriSIM Life will create even more value for our combined customers and partners.

This acquisition represents a considerable step forward in our strategy to accelerate the company’s growth over the long term and supplement our proprietary software platform to develop effective patient therapies more rapidly and accurately than traditional methods. Along with advancing research in Parkinson’s Disease, we plan to cover the full spectrum of drug discovery and development for the treatment of neurological, oncological and other life-threatening diseases.

The team at Molomics have built a powerful system. We investigated multiple drug discovery technologies and found Molomics to be uniquely advanced and complimentary to our approach. The company’s pedigree of academic excellence and enterprise experience from companies like Thales, Baxter, Intelligent Pharma, Pfizer, and FAES is reflected in the quality of the technology. We are grateful to be building on the shoulders of this cutting edge work.

Why is this important now? The pharmaceutical industry’s current path is simply unsustainable. We desperately need innovation to lower the cost and time it takes to deliver drugs to patients with unmet medical needs.

Technologies like AI, deep learning and HCI hold promise to clear the barriers impeding our current R&D practices. But to date, most companies attempting to integrate this technology have over-hyped a “digital revolution”, and under-delivered on it. 

Our approach is fundamentally different. We have designed our technology around the decisions that drug program owners need to make, and the answers needed to make them. What if, in just 30 days, you could know: Which of your 100k molecules is most likely to lead to a cure? How else can your compounds benefit patients? What is the mechanism of action that explains why one drug is successful and another isn’t? What if you could accurately predict which compounds, in what form of delivery, will translate successfully without the trial, error and limited outputs of manual experimentation? 

Our BIOiSIM platform is a first-in-class decision-making engine that can take your toughest questions and generate answers to guide your next steps at any stage of drug development. With the addition of Molomics, it will be powered by one of the largest and fastest growing inferential search spaces in existence, encompassing over 1 trillion compounds. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the transformative insights we’re delivering today, and our roadmap with Molomics technology for tomorrow, let’s talk.

If you’re interested in learning more about the transformative insights VeriSIM Life delivers today, and our roadmap with Molomics technology for tomorrow, let’s talk.