Introducing BIOiSIMTM

BIOiSIMTM is a first-in-class 'virtual drug development engine' that offers unprecedented value for the drug development industry by narrowing down the number of drug compounds that offer anticipated value for the treatment or cure of specific illness or disease.

“At a time when numerous smaller organizations are over-selling their AI efforts as cure-alls, I found VSL's down-to-earth but competent and insightful approach very refreshing...I would not hesitate to recommend them for organizations looking for professional and knowledgeable external ML solutions.”

- Associate Director at Genentech
BIOiSIM Offerings

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We provide technology enabled services to address your translational challenges guided by our unique Translational IndexTM capability. Engage with our professionals to quickly impact your program's journey toward more successful clinical trial outcomes.

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We partner with organizations to co-develop new drugs using our platform to predict translation and reduce R&D waste. These deep collaborations significantly de-risk the selection of new candidates and shorten development time.

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Welcome To BIOiSIM
Our Proven Platform

Our models are built on data from thousands of compounds across 7 species, leading to a robustness rarely seen in the industry.

Early Insights

The BIOiSIMTM platform can be used before preclinical animal trial start, allowing earlier insights and savings in expensive outsourced experimentation.

Artificial Intelligence and Mechanistic Models

VSL has shown that the best models are developed by using a hybrid mixed-model approach to drug insights, leading to greater accuracy and scalability.

Great Translatability

With a focus on human outcomes, the platform has at its core a translability engine that transforms insights across species.

Continuous Development

The team employees a continuous improvement process to iterate on data stability, improve models, and provide an always up-to-date software service.

Fast Model Development

The flexibility of the platform and generations of customer-ready tools allows for development of custom models and validations within weeks.

BIOiSIMTM enables your team with a novel platform that focuses  your development efforts on the drug compounds that are more likely to deliver on the  anticipated value for the treatment or cure  of a specific disease.

5 years graph10 years graph
With VeriSIM
~10 years
<5 years
Additional Benefits
Specific to desired output

With our framework, we can quickly develop custom, specific models.

Trained on diverse data across various animal and human species

Validated with both FDA and proprietary compounds.

Expanding feature set

We are always adding new functionality and expanding the domain of applicability.

Multiple routes of administration

We simulate various routes of administrations such as IV, oral, and transdermal and others.

Rapid result generation

Our platform is cloud-based and generates predictions in seconds.


Our model extracts conclusions from complex and convoluted data.

Give your development pipeline an edge

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