We are a dedicated team of scientists, modelers, chemists and software engineers that are passionate about addressing the need for better prediction in healthcare.
Company Overview

VeriSIM was founded in 2017 by Dr. Jo Varshney, a multi-disciplinary and celebrated leader in veterinary & human health development. Together with a team of world-class scientists, machine learning engineers and in silico simulation experts the team is bringing clarity to drug development through computational sciences rather than the existing trial and error experimentation approach. The leadership believes with their machine learning driven approach, they are able to pre-flight advancements in medicine without the need for redundant trials, subjecting animals to the cruelty of testing, and with far better outcomes than the 8% success currently seen in medicine making it to market. More people will be able to receive the treatments they need and our partners will see faster and verified results from their research.


The Team

VSL Strategic Advisors

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at VeriSIM Life work very differently than in the industries and world in which we interact.  As a ground up approach, we value — with the highest of esteem — the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge bases that each member of our team represents and brings to VeriSIM Life.  By requiring that collaboration and communication come from a place of understanding these differences, we can quickly, with agility and efficiency, navigate through our own environment by fully engaging in the wealth of cognitive diversity that comes from accessing our whole selves.

In doing so, we solve more of the problems standing in front of our mission. We do this through a commitment and practice in leading with questions, offering and receiving feedback that is communicated with identities and communication style taken into consideration.  We share cultural experiences together, and have mandated that anyone at VeriSIM Life may escalate concerns to our CEO and depend on one another in times of crisis or whenever one feels unsafe.

Our Investors

Since Day 1, our investors have not only provided the resources we need to accomplish and continue our mission, but have also served as invaluable resources to understand our approach, our organizational process, and the potential of VeriSIM Life.