Why VeriSIM Life?
Our Values
With a world-class team producing world-changing solutions, we define our values in ways unique to the highly collaborative and interdisciplinary approach we’re taking to develop our products and ensure that every action we take moves our mission forward.
  • Growth
    We help each other flourish, and strive to create an environment fostering the personal and professional growth of our entire team.
  • Integrity
    We speak the truth and are transparent on our methods and scientific thinking internally and externally to reduce the known “black box” with ML/AI.
  • Life
    We are a team of highly motivated group who are driven to get medicines to patients faster, cheaper, safer and minimize animal suffering.
  • Empathy
    We empathize that there are people and animals who are impacted by the inconsistent success rate of preclinical to clinical testing while also empathizing with our peers and helping one another in all ways possible.
  • Innovation
    We believe in solving the translatability problem using first principles and by engaging and integrating known knowledge with futurist, deep technologies (AI/ML). We value growth mindset and understand the “need” for steep learning curve across disciplines to drive such innovation.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

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Current Openings

Technical Sales Representative

VeriSIM Life is seeking a highly motivated candidate who will be responsible for driving new business and meeting established revenue goals through the sales of the BIOiSIM product portfolio and consulting services.


Interested, but don't see an open position that matches your skillset?

Please send your resume and cover letter indicating interest to info@verisimlife.com.