Alexander Harmsen

CEO & Founder of Global Predictions; Chairman & Founder Iris Automation

Alexander Harmsen is an experienced tech entrepreneur, CEO, and advisor, having founded multiple successful companies and organizations. His work has seen him produce multiple AI-driven products, scale sales globally, hire world-class executives, manage hundreds of employees, and raise over $25M in venture capital. He is focused on hard problems that have a meaningful impact on the world, knowing that very few others are in a unique position to take on such challenges.

He is currently CEO & Founder at Global Predictions, a company predicting the future using machine learning, data, and a hyper analytical modeling approach. He is also Chairman & Founder of Iris Automation, a deep tech autonomous vehicle software company focused on perception and navigation software for industrial drones.

Alexander is recognized on both Inc’ and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists. He holds a degree in Engineering Physics and Commerce from Canada’s top institute, the University of British Columbia, and has a number of patents and published papers to his name. He is also a Loran scholar and graduate of Y-Combinator. He has earned a pilot license and in previous work has built AI perception systems for NASA’s Mars Helicopter, a drone to accompany the rover to explore Mars’ surface autonomously.